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Caravanning in Australia offers a unique blend of city culture and scenic landscapes. To ensure your journey through Australia is smooth, we’ve curated a list of the top five caravan accessories that you should have on board.


Quality Caravan Awnings

A quality caravan awning can transform your outdoor space, providing shelter from the sun and a comfortable area to relax after a day of exploration. A well-constructed awning is easy to install and durable enough to withstand the Australian weather. Check out our selection of premium caravan awnings at Roadmaster Caravans, designed for convenience and longevity.


Reliable Caravan Batteries

Your caravan battery is the heart of your mobile home, powering everything from lighting to kitchen appliances. A reliable, high-performance battery ensures you have the power you need, wherever your adventure takes you. At Roadmaster Caravans, we offer a range of durable caravan batteries designed for long-lasting performance.


Caravan Solar Panels

Embrace the power of the Australian sun with efficient caravan solar panels. Ideal for off-grid adventures, solar panels provide an eco-friendly way to keep your battery charged and reduce your carbon footprint. We offer an array of solar solutions at Roadmaster Caravans, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the open road without worrying about power.


Caravan Diesel Heaters

Heading away off grid – make sure your nights are warm by fitting a caravan diesel heater. At Roadmaster we will fit the diesel heater in the most suitable spot, so it doesn’t encroach on your precious storage space. Allowing you to enjoy your adventure in all types of weather.

Caravan Air Conditioners

Heading north for your holiday. Have one of the range of air-conditioners at Roadmaster Caravans fitted. Reverse cycle units for the cooler nights, and roof top or under bed options available. Talk to the staff at Roadmaster Caravans if you’d also like to run your air conditioner off grid.

Sirocco Fans

Keep the air moving in your caravan with a Sirocco fan fitted at Roadmaster Caravans. Black or white options available. The perfect cooling solution for off grid holidays.

Grey Water Tank

Travelling to a National Park – investigate having a grey water tank fitted to your caravan. Roadmaster Caravans stock and fit a range of tank sizes, and will have an option available to suit your caravan. Open up the places that you can visit by fitting a grey water tank at Roadmaster Caravans.

In conclusion, these top five caravan accessories can significantly enhance your Adelaide caravanning experience. Visit us at Roadmaster Caravans to find all the caravan accessories you need for your next Australian adventure. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you with all your caravanning needs.