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Enhance Your Travel Experience with Caravan Suspension Upgrades in Adelaide

At Roadmaster Caravans, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible caravan experience. One of the key ways to achieve this is through our high-quality caravan suspension upgrades. With our advanced solutions, you can enhance the performance of your vehicle, making it more comfortable and safe for your adventurous journeys.


Why Upgrade Your Caravan Suspension?

Caravan suspension upgrades are essential for those who love to explore off-beaten paths. A robust suspension system improves the stability of your caravan, ensuring a smoother ride on uneven terrains. It also increases the load-carrying capacity of your vehicle, allowing you to carry more equipment or supplies for your travels.


Our Expertise in Caravan Suspension Upgrades

With years of experience in the caravan industry, our skilled technicians are adept at performing all kinds of suspension upgrades. We work on all major brands, including Jayco, Coromal, Crusader, Sunseeker, Traveller, New Age, Jurgens, Kedron, Lotus, Bushtracker, and many more.

Comprehensive Caravan Suspension Services

At Roadmaster Caravans, we offer a range of services related to caravan suspensions, including:

  • Suspension Lifts: Enhance your vehicle’s ground clearance and improve its off-road performance with our professional suspension lift services.
  • Suspension Modifications: Whether you need to upgrade your existing suspension system or install a new one, we have got you covered.
  • ATM Upgrades: Increase the aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of your caravan with our expert ATM upgrade services.

Contact Us for Your Caravan Suspension Upgrades

Ready to improve the performance and comfort of your caravan? Call us on 08 8384 6011 or visit us in Lonsdale to discuss your suspension upgrade needs. At Roadmaster Caravans, we’re committed to providing you with quality caravan suspension upgrades that cater to your specific requirements.