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Don’t let brake problems spoil your next caravan adventure. At Roadmaster Caravans, we specialise in caravan brake repairs and servicing in Adelaide, ensuring your caravan is safe and ready for the open road. Book in early before your next planned adventure.

Why Choose Roadmaster for Your Caravan Brake Repairs?

As an RAA Approved Repairer, we offer expert caravan brake repairs, ensuring quality and safety with every service. Our team of skilled technicians has extensive experience with a variety of brands including Jayco, Coromal, Crusader, Sunseeker, Traveller, New Age, Jurgens, Kedron, Lotus, Bushtracker, and more.

Comprehensive Brake Servicing

Our comprehensive brake and bearing service is designed to keep your caravan in optimal condition. When completing a caravan brake repair service on your caravan, we check magnet and brake shoe wear, and clean, inspect and repack your bearings. Brakes and handbrake are both adjusted for optimal operation. After the brake service you should reset your brake controller as the service adjustment will make the brakes work more efficiently. If the magnets, brake shoes, brake drums or bearings are beyond their service life, we will replace these parts. Roadmaster Caravans has a broad range of spare parts to suit all braking and suspension systems on hand.

More Than Just Caravan Brake Repairs

At Roadmaster Caravans, we offer a full suite of services beyond just caravan brake repairs. We handle everything from routine maintenance checks, exterior panel replacements, awning repairs, crash and damage repairs, and more. We also provide caravan modifications and upgrades, such as suspension lifts, diesel heater installations, atm upgrades, and more.

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your caravan brake repairs done today at Roadmaster Caravans in Adelaide. Contact us to schedule your service or visit us at our Lonsdale location.